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Community Based Monitoring


We are pleased to welcome all of the 2019 Community monitors

Aklavik Gwich'in - Dorothy Ross & Trisha Greenland

Aklavik Inuvialuit - Millie Greenland & Cassandra Paul-Greenland

Inuvik Gwich'in - John Edwards

Inuvik Inuvialuit - Shirley Kisoun & Melissa Rogers

Fort McPherson - May Andre & Josephine Kaye

Tsiigehtchic - Phoebe Arey & Angela Koe

Old Crow - Brenda Frost & Milissa Lord

Tuktoyaktuk - Elizabeth Arey & Deseraye Elias

Community Monitors conduct interviews with local experts each year.


Observations about fish, birds, berries, caribou, all other mammals, weather conditions, and how people are spending time on the land, are recorded.


Each year a Community Monitor is chosen by their local community council or organization:


  • Ehdiitat Renewable Resource Council, Aklavik NT

  • Aklavik Hunters and Trappers Committee, Aklavik NT

  • Arctic Village Native Village Council, Arctic Village, AK

  • Tetlit Gwich'in Renewable Resource Council, Fort McPherson NT

  • Nihtat Gwich'in Renewable Resource Countil, Inuvik NT

  • Inuvik Hunters and Trappers Committee, Inuvik NT

  • Kaktovik Native Village Council, Kaktovik NT

  • North Yukon Renewable Resource Council, Old Crow YT

  • Gwichya Gwich'in Renewable Resource Council, Tsiigehtchic NT

  • Tuktoyaktuk Hunters and Trappers Committee, Tuktoyaktuk, NT


Community monitors are trained by ABEKS staff, board members and past monitors, usually at a gathering in Inuvik.





Community Monitors work with their local RRC/HTC to identify a list of 20 local experts - people who have been on the land in the past year.


Interviews with local experts take place between October and November. Answers to survey questions are recorded by community monitors. Responses are anonymous and the monitors enter survey data on the ABEKS database each year.



Reporting back to communities


Each year Community Monitors prepare a report on their findings to present to their local community and/or at an ABEKS Gathering. ABEKS Gathering Reports are also circulated to participants and partners.



All ABEKS reports can be found on our Documents page.

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